Flow Rack

Carton Flow Racking system
Carton flow Storage rack can be incorporated both Pallet Racking and Long span Shelving systems to maximize your loading capacity needs and your picking efficiencies .A series of gravity tracks transport suitably packaged products from replenishment aisles to picking faces.Carton Live Storage Provides stock rotation on a strictly "First In" & "First Out" Principle and ensures continuous replenishment to picking faces.
Advantages of Our Carton Live Storage:

Space Efficiency & Labor Saving & Versatile & Adjustable
Carton live storage is a unique storage and order picking system, designed to increase order-picking efficiency whilst saving floor-space.
Carton live storage uses gravity to maximize the efficiency of full-and split-carton order picking operations.
Carton live storage is efficient, fully adjustable, labor saving and versatile.