Hand pallet truck
Hydraulic hand pallet truck is a kind of trackless vehicle used to transfer, load and unload, and stack goods within an enterprise .Hydraulic hand pallet truck can also be used in railway stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, goods yards, and some other places.
Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Hydraulic pallet truck adopts integrative type casting wheel carrier, equipped with front and back guide pulley to protect the loading wheel from striking and thus prolong the service life of wheel. Conical arc pallet fork makes it easy to put in and take out the pallets. The motion parts are fitted with abrasion-resistant guide ring which can absorb the unbalanced load and thus prolong the service life of motion parts.
Manual Hydraulic Stacker
Manual hydraulic stacker is designed with top quality hydraulic cylinder. It is fitted with heavy duty C structural steel gantry which is firm and safe to use. Besides, our manual hydraulic stacker is equipped with brake gear, so it can drive on ramp and its driving speed can be controlled. Manual hydraulic stackers with adjustable forks are available.
Platform trolley is a kind of industrial trolley used to carry various materials from one place to another. They are designed with 2 fixed and 2 movable castors. With top quality